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RidgeRunner Farm & Outfitters has been long in the making. As it's owner and primary operator, Tim is a professional guide based in Leavenworth, Indiana. He mainly guides in the local area and is considered an expert in hunting and trapping excursions.

"I grew up in Southern Indiana. Hunting, fishing, exploring all the outdoors has to offer. It's a deeply beautiful place full of potential when you know where to look." 

- Owner & Operator, Tim Radcliff

The farm is not an enclosure or sanctuary. It is a labor of love by a true and vigilant hunter. On the farm, we hunt wild deer and there are no guarantees - sometimes, there is disappointment. However, because we cultivate our property well, we are able to nurture and draw deer in year after year. Deer season is a year-long event for us. We plant and prepare starting in early spring tending cover crops and food plots all summer to provide an ideal environment for success. We are able to provide deer with everything they need and in turn are able to watch and hold mature bucks year after year.

Hunting at the farm is a novelty not everyone gets - we only allow two groups or 8 total hunters to participate per season. We’ve never shot a doe off the property and only shoot mature bucks with the exception of the occasional cull/management buck. Because of this, RidgeRunner Farm & Outfitters is truly a place every deer hunter wishes they could hunt.

In addition to hunting, we also provide a 5-acre lake loaded with fish. Everything from catfish to bluegills, red ear, crappie and bass. Sitting on our dock taking in the scenery or casting a line is the perfect end to a day spent in the stand. 

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